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Games for Vocabulary Learning Hennings Haus

Games for Vocabulary Learning Atantot Extra

UNIT 3 HOLIDAYS - Year 9 German Unit 3 Holidays
UNIT 4 MEDIA - EP Year 9 Unit 4 Media
UNIT 5 THE APPRENTICE - Year 9 The Apprentice

UNIT 1 Leute heute
Week 1
Numbers and Intros
Week 2Describing Others

Week 3
Describing Famous People
Week 4Describing Appearances

Week 5
Dream Date
Past Date gone wrong!

Week 6
Assessment week - Levels in Reading, Listening,
Speaking and Writing
UNIT 2 - Meine Welt, Deine Welt

Watch a story about 2 Namibian boys:
- Discussing global issues

Week 1 - Was mir wichtig ist
Discussing what things are important to you

Cover work set:

Week 2 - Die Globale Welt
Daily routine of people around the world

Week 3 - Erwachsen sein
Discussing what you are allowed to do at which age


Week 4 - Bist du umweltfreundlich?
Discussing how often you are environmentally friendly

Week 5 - Obdachlos - eine ganz andere Welt
Describing the life of a homeless person
Week 6 - Assessments