Hallo 9X3! Here you can find all the resources used in lessons, to help reinforce and enrich your learning. Also on here are the homework tasks - particularly important if you miss a lesson. You must complete ALL parts of the project.

Here you can see how much of the Olympic project you have done!


16 April 2012
Lesson 1 -
Getting To Know You

Tuesday 17 April
Lesson 2 &3
The introduction of the Town Project, considering aspects of a town, applying German to places in town, creating, designing and labelling a town.

Monday 23 April

Homework for Monday 30 April:
To research the country that your made-up town is in.
It CANNOT be in England! Use the History/Geog worksheet
Lesson 4
Describing in more detail where you live in your made-up town. Discussing research and ideas for town project.

Monday 30 April
Lesson 5
Why you go to the different places in your town - using the "um....zu...." structure - 'in order to'

Tuesday 1 May
Describing the weather

Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 May
Introduction of Past Tense

Monday 21 May
Rules and Laws in your town