Firstly, never use an online translator...

How to .....
....Apply Subordinate Clauses

Subordinate Clauses are phrases in sentences that don't really make
sense on its own, as a stand-alone sentence.
By using them correctly you are increasing the quality of your work

.... Apply Synonyms, Proverbs and Stuff!

...Use Modal Verbs

...Apply the Conditional Tense

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...Apply the Past Tense

... Apply the Future Tense

... Apply the Imperfect Tense
The Imperfect Tense is, arguably, easier than the Perfect Past Tense,
because you don't have to worry about sending the past participle to the end.
You also avoid having to make a choice between "ich bin" and "ich habe"
at the start of the sentence.

... Vary Your Opinions

... Improve Your Level

.... Improve Your Grade

.... Increase Your Speaking Confidence
Use this website to type in your text, then listen to how it is pronounced. You can change the speed as well!